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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here's an oldie, but a goodie!

Alright, like I said, an oldie but a goodie! Bought this over a year & a half ago for 99cents at Goodwill. Has a cushy, soft cover & has never been written in!

Family & friends are important, yes, but so is thrifting. It'd be perfect to have family members who were visiting for the weekend be into thrifting, but you know, those are the breaks! Luckily, I have tomorrow (Monday) off & I am hitting up some junk stores on the east side that I've never visited before. Hopefully the store holds some wonders that end up on my shelf. I found this really cute antique shop last week just on the harbourfront. I am imaging their prices to be insane since they have a lake view. They have this very nice piece in their window that I'm totally interested in. Wonder how much? Went today, closed. It's right next to a dollar store that I have been going into for over a year. The wife claims that he has known about it, but never said anything! That's what he calls love? Pfft!

I also feel the need to say, I submitted one of my found photos to Awkward Family Photos. Can you guess which one?

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  1. I love Brandon and Dylan....I miss the good old days of TV :)