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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snorestop Review!

SnoreStop Review!

This pro
duct first came to my attention when I was browsing the shelves of a natural health shop in Kesington Market. For the last several months I have embarrassingly enough developed a snoring problem. I think it began when I got my nostril pierced, but what do I know? I swore when I was younger I got Meningitis from a plum. So, the wife took a photo with his Blackberry so I could so some research online. I hadn't found many reviews online & the ones I had found were all conflicting, some people it worked for, some it did not. After awhile I had forgotten all about it.. until I saw the product in the clearance section at Winners. Nice, huh? It had a price of $6.99. Bought a bottle & gave it a try. It works! We were at the point that the wife couldn't sleep, at all, he'd go nights without a wink of sleep. He'd also wake me up multiple times & we both because absolutely exhausted.

They have different products, which are supposed to work better when joining them all together, but may work just fine alone. In my case, the product works! I do not spray it right before bed like the bottle says, but I do spray it between 30-45 minutes before bed. Out of the 7 nights I have been taking it, I have snored once. That one time I had taken the spray a couple minutes before bed. If you are a bed sharer of a snorer, I recommend giving the product a try. $20 is work a great night of sleep, trust me. Sleeping with a snorer, so I've heard, can be absolute bed hell, so, invest, give your partner a good nights sleep.

for more info, check out the makers site:

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