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Monday, April 19, 2010

Top 7 Things I Won't Buy At A Thrift Shop!

Top 7 Things I'd Never Buy In A Thrift Shop!

07. Shoes. My sweaty feet don't want to be in a pair of shoes where another sweaty pair of feet have laid their toes, probably on a daily basis. The shoes are molded to their feet & in my non medical opinion, used shoes don't do a body good.

06. Kitchen appliances. Have looked into buying a few at the thrifts & always found extreme residue of foods inside. Cleaned, sanitized it doesn't sound like something I want to be eating my food out of.

05. Candles. I used to be all up for buying candles at the thrift until the last bunch had the wick go up in flames & smoking like Eyjafjallajokull.

04. Beauty products, toiletries. I see opened bottles of this stuff on a continuous basis. Why? Who would buy them? One frequent item I see is open boxes of women's feminine products, seriously?

03. Books written specifically to be brought into the bathroom. Yes, all books could be brought into the bathroom & have whatever done with them, but the thought of a book made to be in the bathroom & most likely sat in the bathroom & was read by many & probably in the room when being flushed with the seat open... not something I want in between my hands for an extended period of time.

02. Bathroom mats, toilet covers. I don't like our bathroom mat as it is, they're gross! What would be grosser is owning a used one.

01. Obviously, undergarments. No explaination should be needed.


  1. I would add anything electronics-related (except lamps - always test them). Most shops sell electronics on an 'as is' basis, don't accept returns or exchanges and don't know what the heck they're doing. Once I bought a pink cordless phone from VV and the adapter it came with was wrong - luckily someone told me it was wrong as it could have blown up if I had plugged it in.

    Also: sheets.

  2. Oops. I had bedding the first time around, but then I forgot to put it later. No bedding at all in this house.

    I've bought some electronics from the thrifts, a vintage lamp & an old radio. The only electronic I ever bought besides that was a phone. Remember the clear phones that you could see all the stuff inside? It was one of those. The sound from it was really low. To be fair, though, the phones were not made quality in the first place, just for novelty.

  3. Great list! I pretty much only buy board games, figurines and reading books at thrift stores. I have looked at furniture, but it is often as expensive as at the furniture store, new!

  4. I like new furniture myself, but if the right couch came along...