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Friday, April 30, 2010

April showers bring May flowers.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

My most recent trip turned up a cute little robin figurine, a 1980 "Worlds Greatest Grandma" Glasbake coffee mug. These two items are perfectly fitting. During adolescence years my grandmother & I used to have a contest on who could spot the most robins before May. Of course, we counted on each others honesty not to cheat. & the sticker is also fitting as she always thought I was "one cool kid". Seeing a robin now is quite odd. I was in Whitby for Easter weekend (didn't get to visit the This & That flea market though...) & spotted a robin. I acted like I did when I used to spot a blue jay or cardinal when robins where an everyday thing. You rarely spot a robin in downtown Toronto. But there is a swan, a loon & some ducks who hang out in the harbour. These items were found along with a cute little (& I mean little) flower pot that says "Listen to the flowers" on it at Value Village. I've got so much junk lying around that I couldn't find it at the time of the photography of the other items I picked up that day!

What is Glasbake you ask?
The McKee Glass Company was founded in 1843 (As McKee and Brothers Glass) in Pittsburgh, PA. The company was purchased by Jeannette Glass in 1961. McKee Glass not only made items under its own name but also produced under the "Glasbake" name.

The mug was 49cents & the robin was $1.49. Her wing is not chipped in the photo, it's her little white spot. She does have a tiny chip on her other side which was conveniently covered by the price tag. :p


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