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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Media Blitz!

Goodwill has never had such good deals on VHS, DVD, CD & vinyl as of late. A buck for each, but $2 for DVD (wouldn't buy one anyways..). At a buck each I got Sid & Nancy (which I bought for Courtney Love's part as Gretchen), Little Darlings (sounds wholesome, never seen it) & Pee Wee's Big Adventure (because I have a thing for Pee Wee Herman). Only able to watch them in the bedroom, but either way they'll look great on my shelf!

I had never heard of the "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" book until I saw it in a box for 99cent books. Thought it sounded like a positive self help book, so I bought it. I've already been able to incorporate one of it's tips into my daily life. The: is it going to matter in a year? thing. When my boyfriend chews gum like a cow, will it matter in a year? No, but really, it sure matters when it's happening & I usually flip. But when I ask myself if it will matter in a year, I tell myself, "no, it won't. It won't even matter in an hour from now." So there's that. In the book department I also bought a Leo (yes, I am the greatest sign of them all!) personal horoscope book. They have not been right at all.. disappointed. Told me I would not be made a foot on April Fools day, but alas, I was.

In the vinyl department I picked up The Beatles' 'White Album'. I picked it up since it was selling for $29.99 @ Value Village (I know eh?). In line a woman was like, "WOW! The White Album!" I told her, ya, I never listened to it before & for a buck, why not. She laughed, called me young & told me to enjoy it. She was buying a pair of shoes & a couple t-shirts, if you were curious. Very nice woman she was!


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