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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who Wore It Better?: Pyrex Edition!

Who Wore it Better - Pyrex Edition!

With TIFF going on in the city what better time to do a trash mag Who Wore it Better? after finding a striking orange, lidless refrigerator dish today for $4.04 at Goodwill.

We've got #503 in one corner from the Daisy Orange collection. Smooth, a striking colour you must see in person and a rarer find.

In the other corner is the #503 yellow primary - a collector favourite. The Daisy Orange has borrowed her lid for the photo op from this classic piece. A piece that has had some loving & will have much more to come!


I think I could have possibly taken better pictures.. take this as NATIONAL ENQUIRER, not US or PEOPLE.

Who wore it better?
Orange Daisy #503
Yellow Primary #503 free polls

Want to take part?
Email me your Who wore it better, I`d looove to feature it!! at sirthriftalot[at]hotmail[dot]com!


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