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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hulk Hogan & Pyrex

The Hulk & some Pyrex!

My, my.. goes to show my diverse taste!

Picked up on two different days, Sunday for the Pyrex - a damn arm, leg & a $10 bill for the Pyrex! Nice 045 with lid, but damn, $10! Cheaper than an antique store, will probably never see this in a thrift with a lid again & they led me skip the penny - was actually $10.01! & a 1991 Titan Sports, Inc. WWF sheet complete with Hulk Hogan, Jack the Snake, The Bushwackers & more! $4.04 & quickly taken over by my beautiful pitbull, Charlie.

Joining in very late, but as everybody knows - better late then never, to THRIFT SHARE MONDAY.

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  1. !!  Remember WWF Wrestling Buddies??  These sheets make me think of those.  I want one now.