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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Thrift Share Monday!

Thrift Share Monday

Taking part in Thrift Share Monday today!

I picked up this lovely leopard print hat box for $3.99, hat boxes are a long lost favourite of mine & leopard print is always a must in my books. The only hat box I have left holds a bunch of the boyfriend's chords & I had found it in the trash many, many years ago. The vintage golf bag swizzle sticks, which I think are a complete set at an 8 count, were $4 during my trip to Windsor at the One of a Kind Antique Market. Owls also picked up at Talize on my trip to Windsor. Made in Mexico & another item to hit up the Etsy shop when it arrives.

What a lovely Pyrex dish. Yesterday I did a posting for a 'Who Wore It Better' after picking this up at Goodwill for $4.04, lidless, lid is borrowed for the photo op.. absolutely loving this. I have seen pics of this one online, but the colour is absolutely bold & striking in person.

What do you think of this radical bi-centennial plate? It's so thick, I love it! 99cents at Goodwill!

I couldn't say know to this $2.99 Dick Tracey flat sheet. Also picked up on that trip to Windsor at Value Village. I never would have thought my ass would be on Madonna's face. Who knew?

I've put off opening up my Etsy shop for one main reason - laziness. The only thing I had to do was make a phone call to Visa to update my address from the move. It has been 2 & a half months - lazy. I'm glad I waited. The guy I spoke to waived my interest for the next 2 months - that would have been almost $250! Feels too great!



  1. I love the owls. I can't wait until you open your etsy shop. Id love to see what you have to offer but since you live in Canada(?) I think the shipping would be too high for me but I still like to window shop. Have a good night

  2. Yeah, I live in Canada. I hate the shipping side of it all, mostly because shipping costs hurt my eBay sales & kill me when I buy stuff. We can always set up some sort of trade if you see something you like in the shop!