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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrift Score!

Thrift Score!

Went to a couple thrifts, but only picked up a few items & here they are!

My fav find is the vintage "sizzling nude" playing cards! The box is in terrible condition, but the cards are in great condition, which is pretty good. I think I'd be a little more concerned if the box was in great condition & the cards were in terrible condition - if you catch my drift. At the same thrift I picked up this James Dean clipboard/writer/whatever. So for a buck I picked myself up 25 pieces of original 1987 James Dean lined paper! The clipboard/writer/whatever is bent in a weird way, but I suppose a die hard James Dean fan would still love to ogle it. Also a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sheet from the 1980's. I couldn't remember if I had one of these & I still can't. Also some neat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday cards - 3 of them, found at a different sheet at the thrift & in the same bag with the Strawberry Shortcake (which will be for sale in my soon to be etsy shop - waiting on that damn credit card!)


All Value Village finds, BTW.
Windsor in about 2 weeks. Thrifting adventures.


  1. Lost my comment the first time I tried! :)

    Fun scores! I love the sizzling nudes cards (love anything vintage naughty ;)

    I grew up about 40 miles from James Dean's hometown (Fairmont, IN). Back in the late 80's Morrissey (a huge JD fan) came to that town to film a video on his childhood farm. Big celebrity, especially for a town of only 1000 or so!

  2. Same - anything vintage & naughty is cool in my books!

  3. You find the most unique thrifty things! How fun! Thank you for joining TTF and I am so sorry I am so late in visiting this week!