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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thrift Score!

Thrift Score!

Check out my latest finds!

After lots of drooling over Van @ Thrift Core's winking owl cookie jar, I found one of my own! I paid $7.99 at Value Village last night out in Victoria Park. Totally loving it!

Check out these retro blender salt & pepper shakers! Perfect colour! Picked up at a Salvation Army in Mississauga. The box came into a unfortunate accident while traveling up to my apartment. I'll spare the details, but a little tape fixed it up so it is barely noticeable. $3.99. NIP! New in bloody package! 1950's.

What do you think of this vintage reindeer glass? It's fantastic! The gold, the pink go so well together. I'm also loving it with the turquoise box & the pink blender salt & pepper shakers.

The turquoise box. 69cents for it & I dealt with the bitchest Value Village worker you've ever seen.

This other glass. I'm on the fence about it. What made me leave the store with it was a woman with a motorcycle helmet had said, "now that is a very cool glass" after seeing me pick it up. Now I'm not so sure.
ED NOT: Don't you love my 77cent paper towel?

With my new love for turquoise & my everlasting love for Federal bowls, $1.99 was an OK price - especially for a mint condition bowl.

I will leave you with a picture of some dice. My newest collection.

Better late than never, joining up with THE THRIFTY GROOVE for THRIFTY THINGS FRIDAY.


  1. I love your owl and the salt and pepper shakers. You find such cool items. I have to admit I went back to the t.s and got Sherlock Hound. Im not sure that is what he is called but that is who he reminds me of.

  2. Awesome finds! Of course I love owls, but those salt and pepper shakers are so nifty.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  3. Fabulous finds. I love the cute little owl and those salt and pepper shakers. Can't believe they've been in a box for 60 years.

    Madison xxx

  4. Great finds! My daughter collects vintage dice -- an inexpensive and fun collectible!

  5. Great finds! And a lot of fun ones. I love the little S & P shakers. How cute are those! thank you for joining TTF and have a great week!

  6. Since owls are so popular here it's unlikely I'd ever come across an owl cookie jar at the thrifts, am envious of your find! My mom collects salt and pepper shakers and she would definitely covet those blenders, can't believe you found them in the original box too.


    The Joyful Thrifter

  8. I'm glad everyone is loving everything! This has been one of my favourite collections in a long time.

    Leilani - I thought the same thing! The thrifts are always surprising me. Owls are huge here too, especially on the west side where a lot of the indie kids & hipsters live. I started to visit a thrift shop in a part of the city where it's mostly families who visit the shop & they shop for more practical things. I don't think owls are too big with them!