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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1950's Quite Contrary Platter

A couple items I picked up today.

I have truly fallen hard for Midwinter Pottery this time. A quick stop at Goodwill on the way home launched this retro 1950's piece into my collection. It's from MIDWINTER MODERN & it's the QUITE CONTRARY designed by JESSIE TAIT. It's been brought to my attention that there is a Midwinter Pottery book: Midwinter Pottery: A Revolution in British Tableware. I totally want this book. Not at this price. But you know, I totally want this book. Keeping my eye out. You never know what will turn up at the thrifts. On another note: I don't hear much about other people collecting Midwinter. Possibly since it's British? It's beautiful stuff. My last piece was straight outta the '80s. This piece is straight outta the '50s.

I got a set of 4, mint condition bowling/bowlers drinking glasses. At 99cents a piece at Value Village, I loved adding them to my collection. I have a feeling that this aren't as old as I might like them too be.. they seem to pristine to be vintage. What do you think? I've done a few searches with no outcome. I haven't seen any similar graphics on newer items. I'd still like to think these are from the '50s or '60s.

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  1. I did find a beautiful turquoise Midwinter Stylecraft hors-d'oeuvres tray this summer for a whopping $1.50! I didn't know much about Midwinter, I just really liked the plate, but I did research it and they have some really neat pieces, very retro. Mine is more traditional looking, turquoise with white roses. Your plate is really neat looking too!

  2. De tout - they definitely do have some great pieces. I don't see much of it for sale (eBay, etsy), I am wondering if it has much resale value? I see a lot of it & would love to have it for sale in my shop. I would keep all of it, but I don't have enough room in my house. I guess I can always buy a few nice pieces, try to sell it & if it doesn't sell it's a good enough reason for me to keep it.