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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Well, today's thrift adventure turned up a toilet. Not just any toilet. A tiny toilet. Not one that is used. It's just a tiny bit bigger that a can of Diet Pepsi. The toilet was $2.99. I used to have a smaller one, but sadly it broke. I knocked it over in the bathroom & SMASH! it was broken. I thought I would not survive a day without it. Funny thing is everybody in Goodwill was watching me carry the thing around. Never had so many eyes on me in a thrift, everyone's always too busy scavenging.

I also picked up a few records & CDS. As I have previously mentioned I've been looking for a copy of The Smashing Pumpkins CD "Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness" for about a month for a friend of mine. Finally found it at the same Goodwill I got mine. Being a double disc, the sucker only cost me $2! Also picked up a Primus CD titled "Pork Soda" for a buck! Primus sucks! Each record was a buck. I got 'Clouds' by Joni Mitchell. What inspired me to get it was the cover Hole did on Pretty On The Inside. Picked up 'Eat to the Beat' by Blondie. I almost picked up another Blondie, but I couldn't remember if I had it at home. I do, so thank got I didn't spend that buck! Also got two soundtracks, Grease, which is a double, so it cost $2 & E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

I hate donating to greedy Value Village & the Goodwill I frequent doesn't take donations at store level, everything is shipped in from God knows where. I recently bought the coolest hoodie I've ever seen. Maybe if you're good, I'll post a pic! Anyways, I have a couple I want to donate & only wish to donate my items to Goodwill from now on. Today I brought in a few donations in my hands & just left them on the shelves. This may create the "if it's not priced it can't be sold" dilemma for a couple buyers, but this Goodwill prices at the counter if it's not priced.

Today's trip: $10.99.


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