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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me It Was T-Shirt Tuesday!

Today we have our lovely model, who is without a bum, modeling a beautiful early '90s EMF shirt. I do not remember where this shirt originated from within my collection, but I do enjoy it's existence, only wearing it a handful of times when my weight agreed with it. It now sits buried in the depths of our closet. It's "Unbelievable", so "Unbelievable".

If you're not familiar with EMF, you can read about them on Wikipedia here. Even if you claim that you don't know who they are, you have definitely heard their hit song. Even if you've spent all your time in the thrifts, you've probably heard the song being played by one of the people who test out the cassette & CD players extremely
The bird you see below you came to me via Winners on Front Street, right down the street from my beautiful home. I had seen him there before, looking at me. The second time I seen him I took him home, he was only $2.00. A cheaper buy than he would have been at a thrift store!

BTW, if you still claim you don't know who EMF are, watch the video below. You'll know.

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  1. I saw EMF with Jesus Jones way back when. Great time warp moment, thanks!