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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Betty Boop, ET, Leopard Print & A Photo Frame.

Took a small trip to a couple stores. I sneaked a couple donations in at the Goodwill & then dumped the others off at one of them boxes at the side of the road. I don't know where it goes, but I hope it doesn't go to nasty, for profit, Value Village. I'll buy from there, but I'll never donate there & I suggest you don't either.

The photo frame is from Value Village ($2.99 + tax) & all the other items are from Goodwill ($6.91, no tax). I'm trying to find out some info on the photo frame. I can't read the writing on it. Know anything? The ET glass with Drew Barrymore on it from 1982, Pizza Hut, is pretty common, but I'd like to own one. The bendable Betty Boop character is still sealed & is from 1989. She was 99cents. The box was $1.99. The glass was 99cents. I also bought 6 Mens Health Magazines. Girl tried to charge me 99cents for each magazine again & told me that the 49cents was only applicable to small magazines & that this 90 page magazine was a large magazine. I asked her why it only says Living Well, Oprah & Martha Stewarts magazines are large & for her to show me what a small magazine was. She went to the manager on her own & they set her straight.

I never had such a coveted item in Goodwill before. I put the leopard print box down twice, once to look at a huge pile of photo albums & another to scrummage through a box of tiny books. One woman went to grab the box & I stopped, the other woman asked me to pass it to her, since it was at my feet. I mentioned that it was mine, but there was a matching photo album & frame that I was no interested in in the next aisle. She told me she was only interested in the box, I said, "I hear ya sister."

Today's trip: $10.21

I don't feel like talking much, but I'm going to keep up with T-Shirt Tuesday when the wife gets home. He's my model. He should be home shortly.