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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Christmas Pixies.

Over at Oodles And Oodles the blogger bought some Christmas pixies & I just just wanted to show off mine. I bought them at Goodwill & they were still sealed in their original box. I haven't taken them out. I can't remember how much they cost, either.

I do have some sad news. I was at Value Village earlier today, I also saw this earlier this week, but they have one of my favourite items I have ever come across thrifting - the heart chair. Everything except for the back of the chair is there, but I know heart chairs & this was one of them. I checked everywhere for that backing, but alas, it wasn't there. A part of me wants to buy the rest of the chair & fix it up.. but I know that will never happen.


  1. Great find! I love these. I have a collection of various ones. My favorite is only a few inches high. I also have one that looks like an old man. I want to find a girl with braids next. I've never heard of a heart chair.

  2. The old man one would be cool! If you're interested in checking out the heart chair, I have blogged about one I already have here:

  3. I love the really brings back memories from my childhood, as we always brought these little guys out during Christmas. Now you've got my wondering if my parents still have them. :)

  4. Hope they do!

    BTW, Steel Magnolias, a great movie! I just discovered it a couple months ago. Bought it on VHS.. think I blogged about it.

  5. Cute! I just sold one of these on Etsy a few days ago. I just love the "made in Japan" dolls. Found one today that looks like Pippi Longstocking.