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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Soap Maker: Natural Handmade Soap From Your Kitchen.

The Soapmaker: Natural Handmade Soap From Your Kitchen.

My theory is that a housewife with spare time picked up this book one day in Chapters 6-8 years ago. She had thought that since the kids had grown up, she'd have some spare time & would begin making soaps. They would make great Christmas presents, afterall, with great use & great thought. So, she picks up the book & there it sits, only to be leafed through occasionally after telling herself, "I'll start next week." Just a few months ago, her dreams of soap making came crashing down when she found out her husband was having an affair & she decided to end the marriage. She found herself packing up her belongings & then she sighed as she picked up this book. 'Years have passed & next week never did come', she thought. She had to downsize since she was moving back in with her mom, who oddly enough had become ill & needed someone to look after things around the house. 'I'll never have time to make soaps now', she sighed as she tossed the book into the Goodwill box.

So now the book sits with me. The original cover price seems to be lost, but it only cost me $2.49. It's a rarity for a book of my interest to pop up in the 'hobbies' section of any thrift. Will this book have the same fate in my hands as it did hers? I hope not.

Total trip: $2.49.

I'd love to start making soaps & candles. Any tips would be greatly appreciated (ie: book recommendations NOT by the authors...)


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