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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crosley Radio Giveaway @

Crosley Radio Giveaway @!

Over at Annette Funny Jello she is having an amazing giveaway of a Crosley CR49 Traveler Turntable. I know a few of you have shamed me for buying lots of vinyl lately & not having a record player, so now you can enter it and win it for me! It is my birthday soon after all.

Remember that story I told you about that record player my boyfriend & I were going to pick up from near the dumpster, but not only did it not have speakers, but it didn't have a needle? Well, this ones got both a needle & built in speakers. It's also not as inconvenient as a big honker from the 60's.

Anyways, if you win invite me over & we'll listen to The Chippers record & dance to Grease.

While you're checking things out, check out Crosley Radio.

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