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Monday, October 1, 2012

Thriftosaurus Thrift Haul Linkup!

It's time for yet another Thriftosaurus Thrift Haul Linkup with Sir Thrift-A-Lot & friends! This week I've got a bunch of fun retro kitchen finds!

Does anybody know the maker of these glasses? I think I've asked before, but nobody answered. I think they are Hazel Atlas? Anyways, found them today at Goodwill! Regardless of the colours of the glasses, I love the style. The pink & black together are just striking together, red is good too. Great condition, too. Pictured with a turquoise, pink & white I have found before. I've seen yellow, brown & orange too. 

I'm thinking this Federal bowl will make an excellent addition to my retro Christmas items. I love the teeny pattern. 

Took a "Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip" not to long ago & picked up these pieces of Pyrex from a favorite Pyrex thrift - a #474 Gooseberry & a #471 Spring Blossom Green. 

Ever feel like a hoarder? I've bought the #471 Spring Blossom Green many times... many, many times. I can't say now. & I wouldn't be able to say no to another #474 Gooseberry. & I couldn't say no to this, even though I already have one. I am thinking it's time to open a booth? 

Are these Merry Mushroom tea towels? for only a buck? Yes please. 

Some beautiful retro kitchen canisters from The Queenline in white! I've been passing up singles of beautiful canisters, but I'm always seeing singles, so I'm going to start building up sets... I've seen single canisters for sale in booths - does anybody have any success in selling single canisters in their booths? 

Well, happy thrifting! Will be doing a bit of antiquing this weekend & thrifting later in the week. *fingers crossed* for some wonderful items!

Hope you link up & can't wait to see what you find..! 


  1. i really love those glasses! i can't so no to a retro glass like that.

  2. Oooh, great items. I know how you feel about feeling like a hoarder. I'm kind of in "purge" mode right now, and feeling like I need to scale back/sell stuff before I acquire more. A booth would be great, and if you have the inventory, do it!

  3. I love those glasses! Every time you find them, I get so jealous. I am almost positive that they are Hazel Atlas. I will double check my collectors guides today and let you know if I find out anything different. Thanks for hosting the party!


  4. I've seen those glasses in the exact pattern but in gold white and red. They were by Federal glass. Pattern is called Festoon. Made in 1961-62

  5. Loving the glasses and the mushroom tea towels. You always find such good stuff!

  6. sorry no idea what the glasses are but i love your finds thanks for hosting

  7. I love the glasses and the Federal bowl! Always such great finds :) Thank you for hosting

  8. Merry Mushrooms, funky glassware and an owl!? Score, score, score.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  9. I have the matching salt & pepper shaker to your owl and a creamer and sugar bowl. You should buy them or at least sell me your spoon rest lol

    1. LOL. Is that what it is? I've got the S&P shakers. I had a spoon rest all this time & I never knew it.

      If you want it, I'll have to dig out my other one.

  10. the drinking glasses and the mushroom teatowels are to die for! a very enviable haul :)