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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pyrex: What Patterns Do You Use For The Holidays?


Do you use certain Pyrex for different holidays like me? or do you just pop open the cupboard & pick out the first piece you see? 

Christmas: no Christmas Pyrex yet, just using Snowflake (black, coral red & blue)
Easter: Daisy, Pink, Yellow
Thanksgiving: Autumn Harvest, Woodland & Spring Blossom Green
Halloween: None, yet, but when I have a house, you bet those trick or treaters will be getting a treat out of a big Pyrex bowl. 
All other occasions: Butterprint, Spring Blossom Green
Almost daily: Woodland, Autumn Harvest, Primary Fridgies

(incase you wanna copy & paste)

I'm also hoping to be the owner of a Shamrock bowl soon. For a St. Patrick's Day celebration I will one day have, with the Shamrock suspenders I got from Salvation Army 8 years ago & my new Shamrock glasses. This is top of my list.

(picture from here)


  1. Ooooooh! I have never seen the Pyrex shamrock pattern before!!
    I have seen a coffee pot Pyrex carafe with shamrocks however.
    Here are some of those.

    1. I've seen those while I've obsessively searched for the Shamrock set!

  2. Well we have our giant "everyday" collection which are in the colors, turquoise, yellow, pink and light green. (we display and uses these all the time.) for Halloween/fall I have a bunch of solid orange/ solid butterfly gold yellow/solid brown pieces we use. For Christmas I have a red and white 2qt round "pinecone", several Snow flake pieces in Turquoise and white, a 1961 promotional called "Holiday Gold" that has been deemed "The Chex Mix bowl". and a few other red/ dark green pieces! Haha Im glad im not the only one who does Pyrex for the holliday/season!

    1. Oh yes, I saw those lovely orange pieces on your blog, Mick!

      You're lucky to have some Christmas Pyrex!

  3. Oh my goodness, that Shamrock pattern is nuts! I love it! I haven't had a big holiday at my house since started collecting, but I do use my Butterprint all the time. And I keep all my Snowflake pieces out year round because they are so pretty. I think Christmas is going to be at my house this year, so you know I will be having a Pyrex Christmas for sure!

  4. i was so excited to find my first pyrex but it was an ugly color so i didn't get it.