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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Church Rummage Sale & Thriftasaurus Linkup!

Thriftasaurus is here!

This week, I decided I'd sit down & figure a way to get to a couple of my favourite thrifts via transit. It was actually extremely easy. I can take a bus right from the subway. I have to pay additional fare, but it's worth it! I've found some of my favourite items in those thrifts. On the way there we speed past a rummage sale sign for a church, all I could make out was "rummage sale" "friday" "12" "8". I had planned to make it for 12, when it opened. When I was walking there, I saw people carrying boxes & bags down the street.. all I could think was "god, they opened it early!" As we speed by, I read the sign wrong & they opened at 12 on Sunday, 10 on Friday. 2 things I forgot about church rummage sales: what savages/how rude people are (even though they are in a church) & how dirt cheap items are! My first walk around, I was like "crap, I just wasted my time." No, Pyrex, which is mainly what I went for, but as I got picking, I found a few things... & it was all less than $10! I asked the girl at the housewares table if they had any Pyrex, she didn't know what it was, so I picked up a small, boring Fire-King bowl, said, "like this.. but with patterns" & she said, "oh yea, had just one or two, but that's all." I was relived, glad she didn't say they had a ton of it. Also she told me there was a huge line.. had forgot about that, too. I haven't been to a church rummage sale since my only other long term relationship - 6 years ago. 

Well, now that that's all out of the way, here's what you came for - the finds. 
From the thrifts: Butterprint, owl creamer, Smurfs - everything else from the church sale. 

It's been so long since I found Butterprint to come home with me!
$4.99 for the 401 & $5.99 for the 443. Really good prices for this store. They were charging $12.99 for a Shenandoah all scuffed up. $1.51 for the cute owl creamer. Already have the S&P set & the spoon rest - had 2 but one broke a couple weeks ago.

Same shop, I found these Smurfs. I've been wanted to add some of these to my collection of things for awhile. I've been dreaming of finding a big bag of them altogether, but I am still satisfied. One is broken, though. 

Rummage sale items.
I had to warn my boyfriend via text before I came home that "it's not as much as it looks". I came home with 5 separate bags. They packaged everything in separate bags at each table, taping them up to avoid thieves (sad). There was still a look of shock on his face, though. It as hell getting all this stuff back on the subway. 

$5 vintage suitcase travel bar, complete with keys, unused baggage tag, book to hide your liquor in & I believe everything else is in there, unless there is supposed to be highballs or something else next to the book. There is no shaker, as my boyfriend pointed out, but it seems some did not come with them. Keys, tag, book increases the value. The woman who sold it to me told me that she had a nice leather one she kept meaning to get rid of. Maybe it'll be at the April sale! 

I've been wanting to pick up these jars for awhile. See them at the thrifts, but the cork is usually destroyed or have a unique smell to them. For 25cents, couldn't resist. 

25cents each, too, for these tins. Picked all over for the other two, no luck!

Wrapping paper & a sweet vintage Valentines Day card - 25cents. 

$2.00 for this cute deer planter & these Swedish Akta Dala Hemslojd Horses. I didn't really know what these were, thought that I might have seen them on someones blog once & when I saw that they were from Sweden, I decided I would take the 50cent chance to buy & resell them. Will be putting them on eBay. 

Other things I bought this week
a 503 Pyrex lid, 4 pretty full photo albums of photos for $1 at the rummage sale (nothing to exciting, but a few nice ones I will post) & a chain to chain my puppy when we take him camping.

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  1. I love the planter! It's so hard to find planters around here for some reason.

  2. Great finds, I've been on a tin spree recently and I'm really jealous you found so much of the same pattern!

  3. I love your Swedish horses, I have a set of three in my kitchen window. I would have definitely bought that deer planter too, good finds. It has been so long since I've found a new piece of Pyrex, I'm jealous.

    -Sister Hanna

  4. I love a good Church Rummage sale but you certainly have to been in the mood to deal with crowds and aggressive behaviours! but the finds make it worth it. I just picked up a Schleich Smurf house with furniture a couple of weeks ago for a $1! Love the deer planter ~

  5. My favorite is the little owl creamer-nice finds, you had a great week!

  6. I would have picked up both the deer planter and the Swedish horses for my sister. Oh, I just noticed that she commented about those exact same things! I love church rummage sales too and unfortunately have not ever had the issues that you have had to deal with. Now estate sales? I have had to throw some elbows lately in pure self defense. That is where people can be seriously rude.


  7. i love that planter! and the bar thing is a great find! i feel like every blogger who puts one in their booth, that is the first thing to go! i've never been to a church rummage sale. they don't seem to have them in my town, which is weird because nashville is supposedly " the buckle of the bible belt." whatever that means.

  8. Thanks for hosting! Linking up for the first time. Love the deer planter too.

  9. thanks for hosting love love love the bar suitcase its awesome what a find

  10. Those Dala horses are a great find!

  11. Nice to meet you!
    Love your thrifting style!
    Next time I do a thrift post I'm linking up!

  12. Love the finds (as always)! The Dala horses will deffo make a profit, they are really trendy at the moment, they have a total style revival especially in Europe I think.