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Thursday, October 25, 2012

These Vintage Items Have Me Drooling...

With the internet we sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of vintage & a puddle can't help but collect on our keyboards. And other times sellers are assholes & don't ship to Canada!

Here are some items I am currently drooling over!
All on my want list, Christmas is coming, BTW... 

Georges Briard Name Your Poison glasses & ice bucket. I have 6 of these glasses, but in Spanish & there are 2 sets of 3. I paid 99cents each. This set below sold on eBay for $434.00. view auction.

 Orgy Organizer pin just for the fun factor! etsy link. 

Vintage Star Wars (featuring R2 D2) hand towel (& want the face cloth, too). 

Yup, totally want one of these. Need to win that lottery. pic from here. 

Don't want these to hide anything illegal, just for the decor. I adore these old apothecary jars with labels such as cocaine, heroin, opium. The first set sold for $66 & I have seen style of the heroin jar below (which also includes Opium & Cocaine) for $50-$200+ on eBay. 

And this vinyl, my god, I would kill for this vinyl. 

Favourite song from Live Through This by Hole: 


What are you currently drooling over? 


  1. I am currently drooling over pink and turquoise Pyrex refrigerator sets. My sister has forbidden me from buying myself anything until after Christmas so I will just have to keep my fingers crossed. I just shipped a Colonial Mist casserole dish to Jill in Canada. Hopefully it makes it there in one piece. That way I will know whether or not it is safe to ship there!


    1. ANYTHING?

      My gosh. I am totally keeping my fingers crossed for some pink or turquoise solids this upcoming weekend when I go shopping.

  2. god, i love hole! that table is pretty great, too! <3

  3. Man, that table is so freakin awesome! And the poison glasses are great! I've only seen one glass before, never the entire set. I hope you find these some day!

  4. I would love the whole set of the Name Your Poison glasses and ice bucket. I have one glass that says "Wolfsbane" I use it for a vase! My doctor has those Heroin & Cocaine jars in her china cabinet at home -- her mother bought them for her! I cracked up first time I saw them and of course have been lusting since... Jet

  5. Sadly I'm lusting over a vintage Little Tikes Dollhouse with accessories for my daughter...the video of Hole brings back memories of seeing them live at Lollapalooza in '95 ~it was crazy!!

    1. To lucky to have seen Hole at Lolla! I had tickets to see Hole play with Manson in Detroit in 1998, but once Hole dropped off that tour, my sister no longer wanted to go, so we returned the tickets. I on the other hand, would have still went to see Manson.

      Good luck on your search for Little Tikes dollhouse!

  6. Oh God I'm lusting about TONS OF VINTAGE STUFF!

    Pyres, Spice canisters,barware.....m.u..s..t...h..a..v....e!


    (I am a mean vintage zombie)