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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pink & Black Hazel Atlas Glasses

Only find so far this week - these two beautiful Hazel Atlas (I believe) black and pink diamonds glass tumblers. I paid 99cents each. A set of 15 just sold on this website for $120. There is also a pitcher. This is a pattern I wouldn't mind seeing more of in the thrifts. 1950's?

Goes great with Gooseberry & Black Snowflake Pyrex (obviously). 

With the way I am feeling this week, these may be my only finds of the week. I may have to dig into the bowels of my closet to find some stuff I haven't blogged about yet for my Thriftosaurus linkup


  1. Great find!! They really do match the Pyrex!!!

  2. Seriously? WTH can't I ever find these kind of things in my thrifts? They are amazing.


  3. So perfect for the Haunting Season! Lucky find!!
    The pitcher is amazing ~ I've been searching for a 50s vintage pitcher with cool graphics.

    1. Oh yes, I love the pitched. It's now on my want list. Fingers crossed.

      Hope you get your '50s pitcher!

  4. The stuff you get is pretty amazing, too!

  5. I ran across you on someone else's sidebar and had to stop over. Had no idea I'd run into these cool glasses! Gorgeous. I'm going to go check out your thriftosaurus posts now.

  6. saw you on the Pyrex blog and just wanted to stop by and say I just found the same glasses at Goodwill for .50 cents each! I just bought them because they are funky, retro and my hubby and I love combo of retro pink and black! Also, love your blog name!!!