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Monday, December 6, 2010

This little piggy went to the market..

But how long was he gone & why did he just arrive now? Recently, and by that, I mean just today, I have been trying to figure out the age of the photographed coin banks. This is my collection so far & I plan on having it grow when the gems appear in the thrifts! I am not expecting ancient banks here, '80s, '70s was my guess. I did have one similar growing up for a few years, don't know whether it was a hand me down from either of my parents or my grandfather, just that I found it up in my closet when I was at the high point of my coin collecting! Was psyched to find a $1 bill in it.. this was probably 1994/95.

So, the owl bank (on the left) was made by Reliable Plastics. I do have strong feelings this guy is from the '70s.
The black bear (in the middle) was made by Regal Canada & has a stamp # of 010064 (if I can make it out correctly).
The pig (on the right) who is my favourite because he most resembles the puppy bank I had growing up seems to have been made by Regal Canada. Not stamped.

I have encountered one similar bank online, which is of the pig. Whomever owns the site posted that it was from Reliable Plastics, who we know made the same kind of banks, but a person in the comments (besides myself) has it stamped as Regal Canada. Maybe the other poster has one like mine, not exactly like theirs. They have also suggested that the pig is from the 1930's.

Anyway, any info I would love to hear! What got me on this was I picked up the black bear at Value Village the other day for $1.99 ($2.25 with taxes). I love these guys. The wife thinks they are creepy!


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  1. Hi;
    I live in Toronto and I grew up in the Haliburton area.
    I don't know if this will help you date the banks, but I'll tell you anyway. My Grandmother had banks for each of her grandchildren. My bank and my brother's bank were the same as the piggy bank in the pic of the 3 banks. Ours were yellow and I still have mine.
    I was born in 1960, my brother in 1961 and my cousin in 1963. It was just us three grandkids for quite a while, so my Grandmother may have initiated the bank savings for us sometime after my cousin's birth. It seems to be me, that the banks were always there at Grandma's place.
    The 4th grandchild arrived in 1968 and he had the black bear bank that is seen in the pic of 3 banks. My Grandmother was a loyal Regal customer too.
    So, at least you have some anecdotal evidence of the age of 2 of the 3 banks in the pic.
    Regards, Laura