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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another lot of stuff.

Majority of this was picked up along with the Cabbage Patch Kids mug in the previous post earlier this week on the same day. Care Bear stickers are from Funky Junky in Kensignton Market here in Toronto, they were having a 20% off sale, whole store was on sale, stickers were usually $3 each, they were selling for $1.50 each, so I picked up 4. Taxless. Maybe it's the season, but Funky Junky used to be my favourite shop in the city, but selection has went downhill, very downhill. Maybe it'll beef up again in spring when the garage sales start again. So that was $6. Aggie & I also discovered Big Fat Burrito, my new favourite place that I had once tried years ago with an ex. $6.00. By American Greetings Corporation, 1984.

We had went into Blue Banana Market in Kensignton Market & came upon the booth with the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' merch & lo & behold at Value Village I scored a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' 2011 day planner.. wonder why someone would buy a 2011 day planner & donate it before the year even started? Their loss, my gain. I always have trouble finding a decent day planner & this is exact how I like mine. It came along in a bag with some surprises, many which I left in the parking lot, but also with a Christmas Card Record Book. I already have two of these, they are the same, but I am glad to add another one to my collection. They have been preprinted with "19 " for the date entry at the top. I started to use one of the doubles, but had stopped sending out cards, even though I have plenty. $1.99

Last but not least, a Strawberry Shortcake sheet. She's not really my type, first of all, she's a woman, second of all she's short, I like them male & taller than me. I do like sheets, but I DO NOT like sheet face, not one bit. Strawberry is good. Finding 'the vintage smell' when you get home is bad. She's OK though. $3.99 & from 1980, she's cheap & older than me... but still, she's a woman.

Total: $12.76.


  1. oh my gosh I think I had those same kind of strawberry shortcake sheets when I was really little LOL

    (I had the matching lamp too!)


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