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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some recent purchases...

OK, things have been piling up at an alarming rate (literally), so today, if I keep my promise I'll have a couple of check ins each with a lump of recent finds. I had been planning on doing a Top 10 of 2010 round up at the end of the year, but the white card that the memory card goes into from the camera to go into the computer has been MIA, so, so have I, but I've still been in the thrifts, as always.

So we had gotten a "set" of vintage plastic snack bowls. It's obvious this isn't the whole "set", but after paying 99cents each, picking the caked on raisins off the side & giving it a wash on the pots & pans cycle & then a hand wash, it makes for the great bowls. I don't think I will display these like my glass set, just take these out for movies & sleepovers! They were $1.98 total at Goodwill.

Next we have a Dam Troll. I've never owned a Dam Troll. Would have been neat if it were a damn troll from the '60s, but you get what you get & I am pleased. I'll bring this guy out on holidays. Aggie & I were in Value Village awhile back (sometime in November?) & were strolling to the back to check out the sheets through the womens pants, passed the Xmas stuff in bags... me, "I think that's a Dam Troll!" *picking it up* "IT IS! IT IS! IT IS A DAM TROLL!" You can see for yourself, made in Denmark in 1989 #243. He reminds me of the song by the Violent Femmes, 'Blister In The Sun' the lyric... "big hands I know you're the one..". $3.37.

Last but not least is another troll - a hand carved troll from Norway, new with tags. I love her hair! $3.37 too! Got it from Value Village on the other side of town, same one where I got my NYform troll way back when.


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