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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lush Life!


"A free-spirited artist and an uptight businesswoman share an apartment".

Any opinions on Lori Petty? Remember back to the days of the original Melrose Place? Well for a couple weeks in the new season of Melrose came a show before it's time. Lori Petty's first gig since Tank Girl (a favourite movie of mine) - Lush Life! She starred in the show with Karyn Parsons, who most of you will know as Hillary from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They went great together..

Lush Life On IMDB

Anyways.. my excitement.. after many searches & leads that went no where, I have discovered a small shop that seems to be operational still, since they have posting this December. Sent them a message 2 days ago, never heard back yet. Something I've wanted for years.. & they only want $10 for it! I hope they are going to respond & aren't just fluffing me off since I'm from Canada.. I'd be pissed! There's only one lone clip on Youtube (goes to show how hard this show is to find!), enjoy it!

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  1. ZOMG!!!! I have a VHS tape of a few of these shows that I taped back when it aired. I've been searching the internet for other episodes forever. I'm in the process of transferring my VHS to digital right now! My tape with the episodes from this show is on the top of the pile!!!!