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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cheer Bear Mug..

It's Cheer Bear!
Everyone's favourite Care Bare!
And he's in mug form!

Now, he's not really my favourite Care Bear, maybe he's yours, but the Care Bear I care for the most is the cutest. I got this guy today. He was from Value Village near that one shop, he was $2.99 & did not have a used band aid in it like that 99cent little girls jewelry box we picked up. He is from the same year as me, 1984. He looks better for his age, though. He also costs a lot less than me at a ticket price of $2.99 ($3.37... REALLY...).

The other day I picked up a New Kids On The Block cassette single titled "Step by Step" from 1990 on CBS Records & lo & behold, when I arrive home to add it to my late '80s early '90s cassette singles collection, I already have it. So just in case one gets wrecked.. I gots another. Awhile ago, too, I bought the two DVDs pictured. Clueless & Prancer. Prancer is one of my all time favourite movies, I almost bought it the year before at the same Goodwill on some ripped up VHS, but got it for $2 on DVD. Had Clueless before, bought it from Value Village.. but turned out to be region 2 - BOO. But $2 later, I've got it again. $3.12 for all that.

Have you ever seen Prancer? I think it's a great movie.. watch the trailer.. it's Christmassy! When I was younger, we used to watch this movie every year during the last week of school before the holidays.. everyone dreaded it, but I thought it was great! My step sister had said she hated it at one point.


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