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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

♥ Valentines Day Finds ♥

♥ Valentines Day Finds

This year I got a Valentines Day surprise - picked up in work in a rented car for an evening of thrifting! Could you ask for a better Valentines Day gift? The trip yielded a few finds, but not as much as I had anticipated once I sat my ass down in that car. I'm still digging them though. I think my favourite has got to be the DOWN WITH NOSTALGIA tea towel. Brand new. The lady at the counter told me it was my lucky day. I told her it was true. A couple more fun tea towels, a couple pieces of Pyrex & a set of cute made in Japan owl salt & pepper shakers later we were back in Toronto & having dinner at Jack Astor's. The dinner started off on the right foot - found a blonde hair, 10cm in length in my cup of Pepsi... that I had already drank 3/4 of. Returned it, obv. But yeah, nothing special about the Yonge & Bloor Jack Astor's, I'm sticking to the Dundas Square or Front Street locations.

If you are interested in the Ulster Ladybirds (or the lady bug) tea towel, I have it for sale on eBay. You can view it RIGHT HERE!

Thrift on...
Hope you had a good Valentines Day too!

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  1. OMG! That would be the the Valentines Day gift of my dreams! Lucky you.

  2. i have the tooth pick holder that matches your salt and pepper shakers

  3. Tea towel has 7 watchers. Hoping it'll have some bidders by the end... just splurged on a LRG belt & need some justifying.

    It's funny. I'll pay $40 for a set of bowls for display purposes only, no problem, $25 for something I'll be wearing for probably at least 175 days out of the year for a few years & it needs justifying.

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