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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Sunday Goal Link Up

Joining is with Van
over at Thrift Core
For Sunday Goal Link Up

(Value Village - owl salt & pepper shakes, Friendship Pyrex bowl, lamp, vintage radio Urban Outfitters - lampshade eBay - lightbulb salt & pepper shakers)

Last Sundays goals didn't go as planned. I have no one to blame but myself. A little more self control, a need to push myself & I'll make it. A little progress made in sweeping on a quiet Sunday night at home, cleaned up most of the hoard on my shelf (see pics!) & I had been feeling good about my saving money - bringing pop to work, had thought twice at the thrift store... just need to eat at home more! Get over that hurdle, a few other things will fall into place.

This week, bringing some goals from last week over:
[1] Eat smart. Eat right. 1,843 calories a day. 1,500mg of sodium MAX a day.
[2] Gym! Gym! Gym! I'm staying Fat! Fat! Fat! 3x this week.
[3] Scan vintage photos for sale on eBay. Cross my fingers, toes. Hope at least some sell.
[4] Find a family doctor. At least make progress. This can be hard in Toronto.
[5] Save money. Eat out less, think twice at the thrift store (like that'll happen :p) bring pops to work, no impulse shopping. $100 into savings.

have a good week.


  1. You can do it! The Gym one is always hardest for me, fitting in psychical exercise just screws up my whole schedule.

    I did get in the habit of keeping calorie intake in check, so miracles can happen ;) Just gotta make habits out of things...