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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sir Thrift-A-Lot: Flea Market Finds

This past week was full of thrifting fun - a lot of scores & quite a few thrifting adventures!

One such adventure was a stop at Talize, which is a thrift shop chain similar in size and set up as Value Village, only smaller in number compared to stores & Talize carries a small section of new "dollar store" like crap. This Talize stop brings us to the famous "you never know what you are going to find". Just before the cashes after we`ve shopped the store there is a literal mountain of vinyls. It was chaos. They were piled everywhere, in milk crates, in boxes, 7inches were tossed everywhere. This wasn`t there last week. They usually have only half a book shelf of vinyl, this mountain of chaos had to of been at minimum 1,300 records! We picked through each one, coming up with only Nancy Sinatra "Boots" & "Pearl" by Janis Joplin. They were charging 99cents each, buy 3 get 2 free. Quite a few fun covers in there & it probably took us a good 25-30 minutes to go through it all.

This week seemed to be a week of owls, which is never a bad thing.
I have a similar owl I picked up at another Goodwill, but this guys eyes match my kitchen decor, so he`ll be sitting in there. Something very cool is below is the pencil holder for the owl stationary set I picked up a couple weeks ago, now I have the letter holder, pencil holder & tape dispenser! & a set of owl Christmas bulbs, can`t wait for a tree next year.

Fun vintage Part-T Forks & Party Picks, Picks being from Hallmark.

Here is a beautiful set of bowls I posted about on The Pyrex Collective earlier this week. I had thought that they were delphite, but after seeking advice from fellow collectors, I have been told that they look like Azurite from Fire King. I have to agree.

And no thrifting week is complete without a bit of nostalgic pop culture, a 1988 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles metal TV tray for $2 from Goodwill & a complete, very good condition 1977 original Star Wars board game. They had covered this in clear packing tape, went around 3 times over the width of the game. I was very lucky to get the tape off without damaging the box. I understand why thrift stores do this (so a kid doesn`t come along & throw the pieces everywhere), but can`t they thing of a better way?

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  1. 1,300 records, you sorted through all of them, and found some really nice ones. The the color on the bowls.

  2. What I wanted to say was..
    I like the soft blue color on the bowls. I really like FireKing items.

  3. Oh I could spend hours hunting through a pile of records. Last week I found Bob Dylan for 27 cents. I did a little jig right there in the thrift when I found it!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  4. yeah, i wish they would just bag items up instead of taping them shut...

  5. Love those beautiful blue bowls! And what a cool find in the Nancy Sinatra album.

  6. Thanks Paulette!

    Jackie, congrats on the vinyl! When I find a Patti Smith one I'll be doing my little jig.

    Thanks Carmen & BeckyKay!

  7. Star Wars sweet!

    Yeah thrift stores suck with their "secure" packing for the sales floor. I have had so many things ruined because of tape--and lots of it. Just use small pieces already. I wish I could teach a class to thrift store employees on how to not screw up the items they are putting out for sale.

  8. Great bowls!! For the tape on board games, try using a hair dryer to heat the tape and then it peels right off! Works great on price stickers too!

  9. Oh, I had that game once! I wish I had kept it. :) I'm about to redo the boys' room in vintage Star Wars. Awesome.

  10. I can't believe those owl them!

  11. OOh, I'm so jealous of those azurite bowls! AMAZING find!

  12. I had seen your post on the pyrex collective about the bowls so I snagged a set just like them over at GW when I saw some. Unfortunately, the medium one was chipped super bad, so I just left it but bought the small and large bowls. I have a question. Are yours uneven around the edges? Mine are and I am wondering if it is an imperfection or just the way they were made??

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