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Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Weeks Finds!

There was a lot of thrifting this past week, but minimal finds. I had my first Sunday off in FOREVER, so I was able to visit the Sunday Antique Market at St. Lawerence Market here in Toronto. There were some interesting items, but the only thing I left with were these deer sale & pepper shakers. One of the sellers insisted that they were donkeys. I bet he would have sworn his life on it.

A great gift from my bestie, picked up from Cambridge - two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles notebooks, never used, from 1989. Pretty neat find from Value Village. Also from Value Village I got these Treasure Troll gift bags for 99cents for the lot.

I finally listed a few items in my etsy shop - just two Super Mario Brothers birthday cards from 1989, quite rare. It's been months since I wanted to list things. I have a few more items, but me & natural light never seem to be in the right place at the same time.
You can view my shop RIGHT HERE
If anybody wants to volunteer to make me a beautiful banner, I'd really appreciate it.

Is $20 too much for a Pyrex bowl?

Recently I came across two pieces of the Friendship pattern - 441, 443 & at the antique market I saw the 444 in fantastic condition. I've only seen the 444 once before in a thrift & it was in terrible, terrible condition. Do you think $20 is too much to help complete the set?


  1. I think $20 is a lot for a Pyrex bowl but it would cost more online just for the shipping. If it's something you really like and is hard to find in your area I say go for it!

    Also the DEER s & p shakers are adorable, I like their unusual expressions.

  2. Lovely finds, and I wish we had pyrex like that in Australia!

  3. Deer. Another vote for deer. I think $20 is not too much if it completes your set and it is in great condition.

  4. No, not too much to complete the set at all! And I LOVE the deer. Definitely not donkeys. :)

  5. If you think $20 is a lot for something, check this out:

    It's really rather disgusting what people will pay for things.

  6. I'd say buy it - especially if it's a piece you need to complete a set. You will make up for it with all your thrifty buys...

  7. I had those notebooks back in the day! I think I was in the 6th grade, and I stuck them in my Trapper Keeper. :)

  8. $20 is WAY too expensive...but then again I generally find pyrex for less than $3 so don't listen to me!

  9. Donkeys don't have white dots, those are definitely fawns! That vendor doesn't know his elbow from his ass, pun intended!

    Yeah, $20 is a bit hefty, I was lucky to find those two bowls recently at the Sally Ann for $3.99 and $4.99 (no orange and red though :^( -), but it's okay to treat yourself, it's a hard pattern to find at the thrifts.

  10. hey, great finds! Love the Pyrex Bowl!

    Would you join my link up?

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