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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wicked Wednesday Finds!

Had some thrilling finds today, my favourite being the New Kids On The Block curtains from Big Step Productions, 1990. Was wondering around the shop, a bit saddened that I hadn't found anything, decided to go down the curtain aisle, a place I never check, low & behold - something I've been craving. Moments after I picked them up, a hipster chick turned the corner, her eyes widened, she made somewhat disgusted look on her face, mumbled something & then I walked away. Really wish I heard what she said. I love when my stuff is envied. $5.99 for the set. I'd love to show a photo of them up, but have no curtain rod & we're actually not allowed to have any other curtains other than white in our place.. (haha)

Next we have a The Tragically Hip t-shirt that has a title parody of the classic show - Tales From the Crypt - get it? Tales From the Hip? HAHA. Click the pic of the shirt if you'd like to read it. I'd really like to meet who does their pricing. Why is a shirt with the sleeves cut off - by the old owner - $4.99 & a never worn band t-shirt $1.49? The world will never know. 1994. Shirt & the curtains - Value Village.

Some exciting vinyl:
2 Live Crew - Me So Horny (1989)
Billy Idol - Don't Stop (1981)
Nina Hagen Band - White Punks On Dope (1978)

All vinyls were $1.51 each at Goodwill. If you don't remember the music video for Me So Horny, look it up on Youtube, that video actually got them arrested back in the day.

The deer & the dog came from Value Village. The deer is simple & amazing - a creamy white, with red for a nose, eyes & a tail. I'll be using him for a Christmas decoration. He was $3.99. The dog statue was cute & reminded me slightly of my Charlie, he was 49cents.

Have a great week...


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  2. Well done on your haul.Gotta feel for the lady who missed out (we all have been there ,me too many times have learnt to not look at what others have) but as the saying goes you snooze you lose or the early bird etc etc

  3. Great digs: love the shirt, animals and the Nina Hagen LP!!