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Monday, April 25, 2011

Vintage Flamingo Trays!

Vintage Flamingo Trays!

Went to Goodwill today, nothing spectacular, just the regulars. I love hearing some of the other conversations of fellow thrifters, one of the gay guys who is a regular there was saying, "OMG! Honey, I just loove this pillow! My pillow collection is just gonna spill out of the bedroom & into the living room!" Never expected someone to have a large pillow collection, lol. Makes ya wonder what else people collect.

Picked up these small flamingo trays - they are all quite small, 4 are the size of a paperback, 2 are a size of a cassette. They were 99cents each. 1950's. I also picked up the Florida flamingo tray, not something I normally would buy, but I loved the classic look of it. 99cents as well. I picked this up at Value Village awhile ago.

These are some more pins I picked up in 1 of 2 pin grab bags that were priced at $2.99 each, but I used a 30% off coupon to buy. My favorite is "I'm a Brat", too bad it's in such bad condition! These were all made in Hong Kong.

Taking part in Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays over at Coastal Charm.


  1. These trays are soooo darn cute! Thanks for sharing them at NTT.


  2. I love the flamingo trays! I used to collect flamingo stuff in the 80's. Probably Miami Vice influence ;)

  3. I love flamingo's and these trays would be an amazing addition to my collection! Great finds and great prices!

  4. Linda - if I ever find some more, they're yours!

    Thanks Linda & Vonlipi!