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Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrift Share Monday.

Some items picked up recently on a thrifting trip through Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Toronto. All these items were from one Value Village or another.

Picked up in Niagara Falls was this beautiful vintage 1960`s Pyrex Verde divided serving dish in almost pristine condition - it was priced to move at $4.99.

I`m also in love with this little vintage made in Hong Kong autograph/yearbook picked up in a grab bag of other unforgettables for $2.99. Besides a tiny scrawl in green marker, it hasn`t been used. Enjoy the photos. 1950s? Bought in Hamilton.

PS: The unicorn was only 99cents. I`ve got matching salt & pepper shakers! Bought in Toronto at the same Value Village I bought the shakers at a few weeks earlier.

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  1. YAY a unicorn, I'm only 26 but am reliving my childhood by picking up unicorns at the thrift lately. Also I have the twin of the little white deer planter hiding in the background of the first picture!

  2. I was never allowed to have unicorns as a little boy, might be why I'm picking them up now! Cool to know, wasn't sure if the deer was a DIY project some time ago.

  3. I have that same pyrex dish ONLY it is not divided, and I use it weekly, LOVE it...great dish!!