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Friday, April 22, 2011


#403 Spring Blossom Green mixing bowl - $5.05, Goodwill
#403 Primary Green mixing bowl - $4.04, Goodwill

My primary bowl set is complete. Both bowls are from the same trip.


  1. And to think you weren't crazy about Pyrex before!

  2. Love it... Two of my favourite Pyrex pieces. Question though - why the odd numbers, do your Goodwill stores charge taxes?

    Happy Easter!

  3. I know, right Vonlipi?

    The beautiful photographs & how passionate people are about collecting it is what sucked me in, I think. It's really fun to collect! Especially when I bring my boyfriend into the store & he's looking for Pyrex when he hadn't stepped foot in a thrift store before he meant me.

  4. SixBalloons,

    I have no clue about the pricing. When I first saw it in store about 2 months ago, I asked & they only said, "new pricing policy." I thought it was just at that store, since a lot of other pricing policies had changed (books, DVDs, CDs, LPs, VHS, etc..) & was curious, so I emailed head office, they never got back to me. This Goodwill has always had lower pricing than every other Goodwill, like $1 CDs instead of $3.99, so I thought new management, but new pricing policies all around it turns out.

    They don't charge tax at Goodwill here. Very silly pricing if you ask me.