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Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Birthday Cards!

One of my vintage loves is stationery. I've said somewhere before that I've got more cards that I could ever send out in my life. In fact, I don't even send out my exciting vintage cards, not even the doubles. Love the graphics & sayings way to much. Here are a couple I picked up in a box the other day. I've got a box of them already back away in one of my shoe boxes of stationery in somewhere in my closet, paid $2.99 for these with a bunch of other crap. Also came with 2 cards that weren't part of the set. Check 'em out!

BTW, this has been Sir Thrift-A-Lot's most time consuming post ever. ENJOI!

Now why don't you take a peek inside...?
For Your Birthday I'm Getting You "Jewelry" From a Famous Millionare!... Woolworth. Happy Birthday!
Be Careful With This Card... It's Your Birthday Present!
Happy Birthday! If I had a penny for every time I think of you... ... I could afford to buy you a present INSTEAD OF A CARD!
Something to Help Celebrate Your Birthday... A Small Check With My Signature... ✓............ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday - and don't worry if you're not in "WHO'S WHO"... Just as long as you're not in "WHAT'S THIS!?"
Havin' A Birthday? Well, that's just fine. I'm simple delighted... it's yours, NOT MINE!

'Little Laughs' cards by Regal Greetings, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1970s? 1960s?)


  1. wow...these cards are really precious! :-)
    [I enjoy stationary too]

  2. These are vintage? They seem recent to me, but that must mean that I am much older than you, lol! It's like my kids saying they love everything from the 80's, it's so retro. Ugh, that hurts!

  3. Yup - these are vintage. We might have different ideas on what is considered vintage, maybe the different age group, lol? I don't got kids, so you're probably a bit older than me.

    Stuff from the 70s/60s I consider vintage.