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Monday, February 28, 2011

70's Metal Lunchbox & Salt & Pepper Shakers

Today was a 70's day. I visited 3 shops & made 4 purchases, 3 being at Goodwill. Arriving at Goodwill, immediately to rack fresh from the back where the first item I ran into was the plaid metal lunchbox you see below. I wasn't sure if it was actually vintage or not, but something was telling me it was. The material, the wear & the feeling I was getting from it I had went with my gut & decided that ya, it was. Lo & behold, little Thomas had written his name inside & he had left his last bag inside, sans food, which had a copyright of 1975. A find I'm happy with. A bizarre price, which when I asked the cashier she merely told me it's Goodwill's new pricing policy - $4.04. Bizarre, especially since the item isn't taxable. Weird, huh? Onto the next items purchased from Goodwill & a weird new pricing policy. I'm a true crime reader, it's one of the only categories of books I read, the other being biographies. I purchased The Manson File by Nikolas Schreck. Interesting so far & I'm able to sell it after for around $20 if needed. Another bizarre pricing policy - books, now if they fall outside the average paperback size, they are $3.49. They've got the rectangle at the front cash for reference (dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb). Samantha Fox entered my collection via vinyl once again singing her Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me), cost a buck! Glad to see they haven't touched that pricing yet. Annoyed at their pricing, the cost, $8.53, lucky me found a Toonie on the ground at the cash. Yay!

Now onto Value Village where I picked up at set of 70s mushroom salt & pepper shakers. Aren't they beautiful? They girl in front of me in line who spent $93 complimented them saying, "those are awesome!" "Thank you," I replied. I'm so bad at conversation. 99cents each. I love 'em! Ones orange, ones red, they add to my collection, they're mushrooms & they look like the toadstools from Nintendo!


  1. Oh yeah, mushroom decor is definitely from the 70's! My mother put orange mushroom wallpaper on our cupboard doors! Very psychedelic!

  2. Loving the mushrooms and the lunch box. The prices are so weird at all my thirfts with GW being the highest priced for sure.