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Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Stuff!

The stuff keeps rolling in, but the place isn't getting any bigger. I bought some wonderful glasses at the west end Value Village this week. I'm quite surprised that these were still there as the west end Value Village is hipster central, hence why it's usually slim pickings & the shoppers are snooty. They were 49cents each & looked like they haven't been washed in decades, they were dirty & yellowed; or maybe they were just filled with dry urine, who knows. A trip to the dishwasher (I'm tired, lazy & have laundry to do) left them sparkling clean & ready to use, perfect size for my ice & Diet Pepsi. Now I just need one of those cool vintage stirrers I see everyone buying. I passed up on a bag of those over a year ago at this same Value Village, still kicking myself. You also don't want to know what kinda stuff came up on Google when I was researching these, gross. This wonderful trip also landed me to New Kids on the Block books. I've had an unhealthy fetish with '80s/'90s New Kids nostalgia lately & have been scouring the book section after that creep beat me to that book at Goodwill.

#1 - 'New Kids on The Block' by Grace Catalano, 1989.
#2 - 'New Kids on The Block Handbook' by Anne M. Raso, 1990.

Now onto the east end yesterday. I fell in love with this journal when I saw it. I have the same one in blue, found at a yard sale in Cabbagetown for a buck!, like 5 years ago, it might be a tad smaller though - same design. This journal was in a grab bag with a bunch of crap I promptly donated back to the thrift, paid $3.99 for the sack. Buying something that you're definitely into, even though you consider it a tad over priced, I think it's worth it. The cover - "All You Need to Know About Sex After Age 50", was comical, especially because it's blank inside, but I was convinced it was added after. Just didn't fit with the style of the journal. When I got on the subway, took it out of my bag, took my nail & as you can see the T on about came off right away. 1970's Avenel Vintage Journal, blank inside ISBN: 0-517-226200. Also got this Santa tin, 49cents. Have a similar one that I found in the trash & all of you have probably seen many like it. We have yet to take down out Christmas decorations (don't judge!) & had our first tree this year & needed something to put the ornaments in. This was perfect. It was a tiny tree.



  1. Those are cool glasses, I would love to find some. NKOTB is definitely IN, I don't know why but I find myself humming their tunes all the time.

    I need a thrifting trip to Ontario soon!

  2. I love the glasses! I am collecting some vintage barware and it is hard to find at decent prices. NKOTB, bring back memories of my daughter being gaga over them. Thanks for joining in JFF!! hugs, Linda

  3. Looks like you did pretty good yourself. Cool finds.

  4. I think I had at least one of those New Kids on the Block books when I was a teenager - I can remember having to have the sheets, shirts, everything that was NKOTB. The glasses were a great find too.

  5. Thanks, I love the glasses, so cool!

    Not sure why I'm so into NKOTB right now, but, I'm just going with it.

  6. Great finds! We love that plaid lunchbox and the mushrooms are so cute :)