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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wanted Wednesday: Sweater Girls of 1952

Wanted Wednesday

Update on my doggy, if you're curious:
Charlie (he's an American Staff mix, if you're curious) had to go get his ear drained for a second time. It's currently full of blood & should be drained. I was getting very angry with the vet. We were trying to work out getting him surgery after it filled up for a third time (almost immediately after he got home from getting it drained the second time). Like good daddies, we wanted to get him surgery ASAP. We were told to call after 4. We waited. They told us we were supposed to call before 3:30, the person we were supposed to talk to is gone. I was supposed to go in, someone called us to come pick up his meds. They said no one called & they don't have any in stock. ???. The next day, when they told us to call back, the surgeon wasn't in, so now they couldn't get a quote for the surgery (why they couldn't do it before... IDK since we were just waiting to speak to the manager to see if they did a payment plan). Anyways, they wouldn't do a payment plan. They gave us this basically "legal loanshark" that will loan you money for your animals surgery. We applied, but then they called wanted pay stubs, but we couldn't get them for a couple days.. so I just called to get my credit limit increased on my Visa, my interest limit isn't very high & wouldn't be as high as those legal loansharks. I call to make the surgery appointment, since we now have the funds. They tell me, 11 days. OMG. I could have booked this shit forever ago. 11 days & my dogs ear is ready to explode. They quoted me $280 to get it drained (but according to my BF it was $90 the second time), so I got feisty on the phone. Am I supposed to pay possibly 2/3 of the cost of the surgery to drain the ear? Anyways, we drop him off for his $800 surgery tomorrow at 9:20PM. We're dreading leaving him there overnight. We are hoping he doesn't get the feeling we are abandoning him. The last time he spent the night in a cage, he was in a Humane Society with death on his doorstep. I pick him up Friday after 5PM. I'm going to leave him there a little longer since the medication tends to last a long time on him. 
As for his hotspots, they are clearing up. He will be on steroids for the rest of his life. The vet said that she doesn't like putting animals on steroids, but he needs it. This will also hopefully help his ear since his ear infections are so frequent. 

Thanks for listening. I haven't done a WANTED WEDNESDAY in weeks. It's time to get back to business. 

so sad i missed this auction!
Sweater Girls of 1952
isn't this amaze? 

I also want these vintage swizzle sticks, but not for $30!
(eBay auction here).


  1. Ugggh, they tried to get us to do that loan shark thing too when my cat had surgery---I ended up borrowing the money from a friend. I swear going to the vet wasn't like this 10 or so years ago---its all outrageously expensive and super stressful now!

    That handkerchief is something!!!

    1. I wonder if the referring vet office gets a cut of the interest? hmmmm.

  2. So happy to hear an update on the pup and I'm sending you all my positive thoughts for his surgery. What a run-a-round with the vet, that is ridiculous. I'm happy everything worked out and sad that it was so stressful to finally get to this point, but at least he is getting all fixed up.

    I know the feeling of leaving him over night. When we had to do that with Piper with the salmon poisoning I felt like the worst mom ever, but she was perfectly fine, probably better than if she was at home actually.

    I swear, how do you find this stuff on ebay?!? I love the sweater girls of 1952, I think my madre needs it, that's her birth year.

    Thanks for the update, I know Erica and I will be thinking of Charlie the next few days.

    Happy thoughts!

  3. Don't you hate it when everyone decides to get sassy with you when you are obviously already stressed out and totally don't need that crap? Every freaking time!
    I'm crossing my fingers for you guys in hopes that he and you will be fine.
    Good luck!
    Love the towel! So funny!

  4. I hope Charlie is feeling his old self soon, but you really need to find a new vet. Honey used to have a vet who spent most of his time trying to sell me stuff, so I said bye-bye and found her a new one and we couldn't be happier.

  5. I hope your doggie is feeling better. Have you considered getting a different vet? It sounds like this office doesn't have their act together. How did they expect the poor dog to wait 11 days for an operation when it obviously need help immediately. I guess the family vet has gone the way of the family doctor.