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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vintage Elephant Items

Erica, one of the Pyrex Thrifter Sisters had a wonderful birthday & got amazing birthday gifts this year, gifts that made me totally jealous, jealous enough to seek out similar items on eBay!
(her elephant items..)

Tom Collins pink elephant Hazel Atlas glasses? I could entertain with these.
(eBay auction).

Toss in the martini shaker & shot glasses... I'm game.

OK. These ones are my fav.

Cute vintage wall hanging & swizzle sticks!

Vintage elephant napkins (one cloth...).. 

Hate missing out on adorable linens!

& yea, "CANNED PINK ELEPHANTS" ... definitely need this novelty item. I've seen similar novelty items online, but never this certain one. (eBay item).


  1. Pink elephants! Who doesn't need a few more pink elephants in their life? I really like the dancing elephants!

  2. All the glasses are great! I love the political glasses. The elephant sitting on the donkey/the donkey kicking the elephant- so funny!

  3. I received the pink and black dancing elephant bar set, can you offer any info for me, not familiar with it. Looking for manufacturer, value ect.