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Monday, September 24, 2012

Thriftosaurus Thrift Haul Linkup #3

Geez, time seems to be flying. 

Thanks everybody for joining up last week, here is the 3rd installment of Thriftosaurus. Can't wait to see what everybody has found!

This past weekend I went home to Windsor, flew. Thrifted right after we got there, good thing too, since the pieces of Pyrex below were found at a Value Village that another Pyrex collector was picking around when I stopped by with my niece a few hours after they opened the next day! Odds are she would have grabbed these pieces up. Just in time for Christmas (kinda, haha)! They'll be spectacular with my silver aluminum sparkler tree. I have 3 other Black Snowflake pieces. (with lid - $3.99, without - $2.99!)

You can never go wrong wrapping in style with vintage wrapping paper for 39cents from Salvation Army. 

I was totally pumped for a flea market my sister had told me about. I haven't been to an actual flea market in... ages. Only the type of flea that sells cheap garbage, car parts & like 20 booths with iPhone cases. I made my sister get up at 7:30am, we scarfed down bacon, got in the car & drove 40 minutes. I paid the cover. wasn't very good. I brought over $100 with me & only ending up spending $6! The fridgie was lidless (had an extra at home) for $4 & each glass was $1. Very disappointed! 

I can cross another item off my wanted list! I love doing this. My dad knew I am collecting salt & pepper shakers & frequents fleas for beer items & picked up these Squirt salt & pepper shakers.. in the box for my birthday. I'm shocked, because they were a set I wanted too & had a hard time finding intact (always missing a lid).. & I've got the box! Thanks dad!

I made my first trip to Goodwill this week today & it was pretty good. I don't recall buying anything there last week, but went 4 times. Bought all this stuff today & was approached by a guy who was buying vintage Star Wars sheets that looked like they were in good condition (I woulda bought those). Dude wanted to know if I saw the other pillow case. I told him no, but if I saw it I would come find him. Snotty guy gave me a dirty look & just turned the other way. After that, if I found it I would have bought it. I passed on 2 Ninja Turtles pillow shams, the lady rang them in they were $2.99 each.. I was sliding my card in to pay & I said cancel them. That's a ridiculous price for those pillow shams. They weren't even pretty. The curtains were $3.99. The guy behind me made a smart ass comment about me because I asked to cancel the shams. All I could think was what was with all the douchebags in Goodwill today? Tea towels, cute. Red fridgie.. so shiny! They are using a 502 blue for storage at the counter. Want it!

Join up this week for my thrift haul link! Can't wait to see what treasures you have found. 


  1. Your weekend was a big success - you came home with charcoal snowflake and from a VV - that's amazing!!

  2. Those Squirt salt & pepper shakers can be found at just about every thrift store and antique mall where I live. I even had a set for sale and my garage sale last weekend and THEY DIDN'T SELL! I would have totally sent them to you if your awesome dad hadn't gotten them for your birthday. What a guy:-)


    1. Awwwe. So funny how things differ in different areas. We don't have Squirt in Canada, so I guess that's a reason why they were so hard to find!

  3. you are so right! those tea towels are cute. =)

  4. to bad about the flea market. such a bummer.

  5. It stinks that people were so crappy to you at Goodwill. Is there really a reason for all the attitude people? Geez!!! Loving your black snowflake pieces. Stick them next to some turquoise Pyrex. It's so pretty it brings a tear to the eye...

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