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Sunday, September 2, 2012

August eBay Sales

August eBay Sales


In August I took to eBay with a few items I purchased & collected & made quite a decent profit

First up, I bought a bag of unopened rolls of Sandylion stickers for $2.99.. listed them as unopened rolls, no bites. Opened them, found out the brand (had thought they were Sandylion, but wasn't sure), that they had a year on them & sold 3 lots of stickers for $88.56. I still have a couple rolls left, but not so collectable. I will try listing them in September. 


I also collected silver coins in my change - a total of $3.55 pulled aside from my pocket change to later put on eBay for a whopping $47.55! 

I bought 2 bags of these Super Mario Brothers cards on 2 separate occasions & well, I don't need 25 & I'll never use any of them anyways. Will keep a few of them for my vintage greeting card collection. $2.99 for a bag, 5 cards for a total sale of $42.17. 

My last sale of the month was one of my Guiness bar towels that had cost  69cents for $12.99.

Let's tally it up: 

Total paid: $10.22 
Total sold for: $191.27

Total profit: $181.05!
(before taxes & eBay fees) 

If you are ever interested in seeing what I have for sale (nothing at posting time), my auctions are here: and_you_will_know_us_by_the_length_of_our_name.


  1. Nice profit!

    I sold a lot of my ols Barbie stuff on ebay and made quite a lot too. Now I find Ebay too stressing....

  2. Nice profit!!! The Mario cards are so cool! I have been debating about selling on ebay. Not sure it is worth the headache, but seems like it might be.

  3. It makes you feel nearly giddy when the bids are going up and up - I felt that way with my Gucci scarf I sold the other week for $71......

  4. Good Job! I sell on ebay too...just when I find things that I know will sell for a good amount. It's a good way to earn Pyrex spending money!

  5. woah! the stickers! i can't believe that! pretty great buy for you.

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