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Monday, September 3, 2012

Thrift Haul Linkup #1!

Thrift Haul Linkup #1

This weeks thrift haul is part of a Suburban Strip Thrifting Trip that ended up at 2 antique malls I'd never been to before. One of them was even selling boxes of store brand Oatmeal for $1 that was past date. This was the last trip of summer. I'm not sure about everybody else, but I still kinda see the end of summer as Labor Day. Do you? 

The radio you see above - LOVE! I was paying for some Pyrex at the antique market that was selling expired oatmeal & my boyfriend shows it to me. I'm like, "pfft, how much?" Last one I saw, was $70 & didn't work." He's like, "$9.95, but the batteries are corroded." Of course I had to sashay over & take a look for myself. Looked like the battery pack could be replace & the radio scuffs on the paint kinda look neat. At the other antique market, I saw this musical thirst aid decanter, for $15. I have one, but for some reason, my second hand, thrift store hating sister wanted one... last one I saw was $35, so jumped at the chance to buy her this one. She doesn't know it yet, but I am gifting it to her. She knows I bought it, but told her she has to pay me back. 

I've done it. I finally bought someone's garbage, for fifty cents. I thought it was easier thank collecting my own butter containers to stack my Pyrex (I can start buying the larger containers again) & don't want to pick them out of the recycling with other peoples crumbs & knife slices in it. At the same shop, I bought this scrapbook for $1.00. I'm going to start scrapbooking/collaging my BF, me & our dog - Charlie. My boyfriend said technically everything I buy at the thrifts is someones garbage. 

This is the dirtiest thing I ever bought at the thrifts. It was $2.02 at Goodwill & absolutely filthy. To be fair it is a planter, but gosh, still. I had seen one at another store before, but it was chipped. Sat there for weeks.. maybe for over a month.   

These Anchor Hocking bowls bowls, the set bought for less than $10, will be a great addition to the dishes in the kitchen that we can actually use

I bought this refrigerator dish at Value Village for $1.99 with the intentions of using the lid for the first fridgie I ever found, the turquoise one below (which was also $1.99). I'll still be putting the red bit to good use... somewhere. Doesn't it look better on the turquoise? 

Found a nice linkup with Coloradolady,  Vintage Thingie Thursday.

I'd like to invite everybody to join my linkup this week. My favorite thrifting linkups each have their own reason for not currently being active, but I really do miss them & seeing what everybody finds each week brings me a lot of joy, so I really hope you linkup!  

Join up, link back & have fun! If you don't follow the rules, consider yourself a rebel. 


  1. Dirty or no, that planter is awesome. And I love the RADIO radio. That's neat. Did you manage to get it working?

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

    1. Not yet. Haven't had the time. There is this little shop called Active Surplus... which is very interesting... they have everything from rulers to carry & go urinals that once you pee in them, the urine turns into gel right away. Anyways, I'm going to bring it there & buy a battery pack... and get them to tell me if it's fixable. I imagine it is. They build robots & stuff.

      If you were interested...

      There used to be this old man that stood next to a gigantic gorilla outside handing out flyers screaming "ACCCTIVE SURPLUS! You never know what you'll find at ACCCCTIVE SURPLUS!"

  2. The Hoarders graphics are awesome! That show makes me want to clean, but also watch hours and hours of craziness just to see other peoples junk! Thanks for the link up. Next time I see it, I will do a new post. It was too late to do one tonight.

    1. Thanks! That's the reason I watch it.. to watch the junk!

  3. I love those A-H bowls! I've never seen them before, and I think I like that pattern even more than Pyrex dots (gasp!).

    Here's a tip for you:
    Do you live near a Dollar Tree dollar store? They have these Rubbermaid containers that are exactly the size of margarine tubs, but they are completely clear. Actually they might be a tiny bit smaller. They are barely noticeable inside displayed bowls! They come in packages of 4 for $1 and they are perfect for stacking Pyrex.

    1. Oops, I just noticed that the ones I linked to were in 2-packs. I think they are bigger than the ones I bought, too.

      These might have been the ones:

    2. Those ones look OK. I'm not displaying this particular bowls - gonna use 'em. No Dollar Tree's around here - I live in Canada. We have Dollarama's, could take a look there.

      This AH pattern is quite similar to the Federal dots pattern. I like that Federal pattern more than New Dots!

  4. "My boyfriend said technically everything I buy at the thrifts is someones garbage." haha, a few of my friends think the same thing about the stuff i pick up. i'm glad you are hosting a little link up. I've been missing them lately too. I always dedicated part of my monday to see all the great stuff.
    i love those polka dot bowls! but i'm a little distracted by what looks like a pee wee view master in the backgroud?? what?!

  5. I loooove the radio, and everything else too ;) I had the same phone planter but mine was bright orange. It looks amazing in that color! I've always lived in tropical places so I could never see labor day as the end of summer, it sometimes doesn't cool down until the end of October!

    Joining the link-up next. I miss them, I may have to do one or two at Thrift Core again soon.

  6. Even if some of your finds needed a little tender care, you still found some great things.