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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vintage Finds!

Even though the thrifting situation is dire, I have still managed to find a few vintage gems! Check them out below:

A trip to 2 different shops within hours of each other completed this aqua 503 Pyrex refrigerator dish. The lid came first, $1.99 at Value Village. With two chips on the underside & a bit of dirt * grim, I wasn't sure if I was going to pick it up, but finally decided that the rarity of finding a fridgie lid, I'd be kicking myself later, especially since I'll end up using it for display purposes. Next came the fridgie! Fridgie's are a rarity in Toronto, so is Aqua Pyrex, this fridgie shows some wear and has some grim, but in the end for just over $5 I got a complete 503 refrigerator dish - I'm psyched!

A fun vintage set of orange nesting snack bowls, $3.03 at Goodwill.

Same trip, $4.04 one of my first Christmas buys this year, a set of 12 vintage Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs for my non-existence Christmas tree (it's on the list!).

Another Pyrex find from awhile ago, Spring Blossom Green 043 casserole.. priced at $7.07 in pristine condition from Goodwill.

A great find is this gray 1950's Scottish dog flask with a rubbery outside, it reads "One scotch after another". Last week I visited this particular Value Village & it was in the glass case priced at $7.99. I had asked to see it & after seeing the price I thanked the woman & went on my way. Exactly a week later it was a on the shelf with the regular items priced at $5.99



  1. oh wow! these are awesome! love the pyrex!!

  2. Oh wow, I have never seen a lid in the "wild"! I keep looking, even looking in the glass department in hopes that an employee put it there thinking it was a glass dish, but alas, nothing. That was a great find.

  3. I found a snack set last week - they're a great find!

  4. I love your aqua fridgie! Great find--even with the chips. :)

  5. ohhh my my--i.heart.your.snack.bowl.set find! Saw this via the Flea Market link-up. Cute lil place you have here... XO, Kate

  6. That's what awesome about stuff in the glass case, as much as they try and showcase it all as "The Good Stuff" it sells so much slower than if it were out on the shelf for people to pick up without having to ask for it!

  7. I have that SB Casserole too. It is the perfect size for 1 or 2 people. Great find on the fridgie lid.

  8. De tout - thanks! I found another lid for another piece the other day. Can't wait to post about it.

    Jill - totally like yours better.

  9. Thanks Kate!

    monogirl - I have yet to make anything in any of my Pyrex except for my Woodland mixing bowls. We rarely cook at home! & thanks!

  10. Heh heh - love the orange nesting snack bowls.
    They stack into a tapered tower too, right?