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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lighters, Pyrex & Lids - Oh My!

A few more recent finds from the mean streets of Toronto...

Some funky retro '80s lighters from a nice vintage shop, $5 a pop, but I didn't want to leave the cassette one behind & the compact one made a great gift - :p. Don't you just love them?

I found a nice lid at Value Village for a a 470-C for $1.99 - the same Value Village I found a lid for 503 refrigerator dish & an hour later I found an aqua 503 refrigerator dish at Goodwill! Well, this time about an hour after finding the lid I found these two fabulous Town & Country (472, 471) pieces, it isn't the right lid, but I definitely hope this is a new trend. The lid will go greatly on my 470-C Spring Blossom that is in my display case.

My last item that I bring you is something I found many months ago, waaaay back in August on the way home from The Toronto Zoo - a cup stand. Not vintage, still displaying the tag on the bottom from Homesense, it is still stylin' & only displaying the set of Tulip Termocrisa mugs I got for a buck each for the picture. They are usually just sitting in my cupboard.

Joining CAP CREATIONS for WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE THRIFT STORE (where I was featured this week - YAY!).
The Penny Worth Project.


  1. ADORABLE mug holder and the cups look perfect on it!!

  2. I have never seen lighters like those. Very interesting.

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  4. Cool Lighters!! And the mug stand really makes those mugs pop!

  5. How fun are the 80's lighters. I love them,

  6. LOL - Joyce, I love the way you put that - pop!

    & thanks guys! The lights are way cool. They have a stash of others & I'm thinking on heading back. They have more compact ones, but not this colour.

  7. Okay that cup stand is way cool! And your cups look fantastic on it. Thank you for sharing over at Cap Creations. Be sure to join us every Friday! ;)