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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eraser Collection

Retro/Vintage Eraser Collection

Not my collection, but I do like looking at eraser collections. One of my favs is the light bulbs! I had them growing up. You can buy it on eBay if you want, Vintage 80's ERASERS RUBBERS Lot.


  1. I love the light bulbs too In fact when I was little I loved mine so much I swallowed it so my sister would not take it away from me

  2. That made me feel nostalgic. I remember I stole a girls eraser collection and hid it in my cubbyhole at school, until she reported it stolen to the teacher. Somehow I snuck it back into her desk without getting caught. Ha ha. Hope it sells.

  3. Sa-weet. Remember those 25c coin dispenser things where you would get a random plastic ball with an eraser inside? It was always so nice to get a sweet eraser to be added to the collection.

  4. HOW CUTE!! I used to collect erasers and my favorite [shown above] was the faucet!!

    1. The faucet was the best! I still have the red one.

  5. I'm glad everybody loves it! Eraser collections are so much fun!

    Beckyp - that must have been a bit weird when it was coming out.

    Yvette - that's an awesome story. I used to steal everybody's pencils/pens/markers/erasers etc. I remember the teacher talking about it.

    SixBalloons - I remember them! I used to be able to stick my girly little hands up there & snatch some up when I was a little boy (6-7 or whatever) Zellers.

    I'm making myself look pretty bad.

  6. Wow, was that a blast from my childhood. I think I had & even used half of the ones in your collection. Ahh, such wonderful memories.

    I remember the cows the best, I was scared to use them- I didn't want to hurt them by rubbing off thier legs and whatnot.

    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

    Danelle (

  7. I should totally take a picture of my eraser collection.  It's a good one.

  8. I absolutely love the Statue of Liberty eraser and the tootsie roll! :) we have some similar designs too! I have been collecting erasers as well.vfor two years jow, in fact. I love looking at them, and sometimes get tempted to bite them! Haha! Excellent collection you have here! :) I shall follow your blog. Follow back! ;)

  9. I like the constellation dictionaries but they aren’t in this image