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Friday, August 26, 2011

Thrifted Goodness.

Even more thrifted goodness...

Lovely Pyrex.
Both from Goodwill.
The #443 Butterprint (drool...) bowl ($5.05)
& the #443 Horizon Blue bowl ($3.03)

Butterprint is such an amazing story. My boyfriend took a trip with his mother to Ohio to visit his grandfather last week & he sends me a photo of a pink Butterprint casserole - such a tease! It's grandpa's & he won't part with it for anything. I'm told he's got Pyrex all over the house. I asked for no more pictures. I made him visit the only thrift store in town to check out the Pyrex & salt & pepper shakers - the store was a dud. I'm told the town is pretty much a dud.

& this is a Windsor buy I almost forgot about from Bibles for Missions! A whole $1! Is this Old Orchard? I'm not sure. #471. Very, very good condition! Would have been great if they had the whole set.

Check out this retro polyester fabric from Talize! I'm making myself a pair of pants right after I post this (not really). $1.99. Wouldn't have spotted it without the eyes of my bestie.

Now these are internet buys, too good to pass up.

Who knew Delta Impex Watch Corporation made a Married With Children Watch back in 1987? I've still got my eyes on a calculator watch, fingers, eyes & toes crossed to find one at the thrift shop!

Some retro E.T. puffy stickers. 4 packs. Same price I usually pay when I shop at Funky Junky, $3 a pack, so it wasn't too bad. My cousin is going to get a fantastic addition to her wedding present this year!

Until next time..


  1. I love that fabric I would make a throw pillow out of it

  2. oh and a question Do you thrift just for yourself or do you sell on ebay or etsy?

  3. beckyp, I have started to pick up stuff to sell on etsy. I used to make really good money on eBay years ago selling magazines when the USD was worth $1.60 Canadian, but now with all the fees, not worth it.

    My goal is to start an etsy shop by the end of the summer.

    I wanted to start it after I made a "FOR SALE" sign that I could post in my blog. I'm not very good at graphics & this is the best that I could come up with, what do you think?

    (if anybody wants to jump in & make me a beautiful for sale sign... send me a message!)

  4. Love the pyrex! I found a piece this weekend too. It's been a good few weeks of thrifting around here.

  5. If you go to, click on widgets to grab Etsy related applications that you can put in your blog. If you look at the right side of my blog, you can see the products I sell in my Etsy shop. Pretty neat!

  6. Butterprint is like my holy grail. It's my fave pattern and the one I find the absolute least of! Your boyfriend sending you pics of pink butterprint that you can't have is almost mean! That fabric is far out! I love it!

    Also, I took a look at your sign, and I think it's cute! If you need/want any help setting up your Etsy shop, just nudge me. On my blog, I use the Etsy mini (widget provided by Etsy) and I use too because their stuff is cool.

  7. I know right, Flo, the fabric totally rules!

    Taking the pic was a bit mean, but his grandpa isn't to wealthy & we are going to need a wedding present, so & Pyrex is going to be on the list...

    I'm totally going to be bothering you about etsy in the upcoming weeks! I'm an eBay pro, but a bit confused with etsy.