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Monday, August 8, 2011


Spring Blossom Green
One of my favourite patterns.

Lucky enough to find these two, both at reasonable price in surprisingly good conditions at a local Value Village. They had been in the shop for 4 days. Both were sans lid & both were $1.99, which brings me to Value Village's perplexing Pyrex pricing patterns. I've seen something similar priced at $8.99 in terrible condition at another Value Village & on the same trip at this shop I bought a red fridgie for $2.49 with a deep scratch & some wear.

I'm just happy I got a deal on two great pieces!

I'm also in love with this vintage key chain. I usually check the key chain section with these key chains in mind. This is the first one I've found! Remember back in the days before hotels & motels had key cards? They had such lovely, interesting key chains. Probably not actually a hotel key chain, but just a souvenir, but I am actively searching for those old hotel key chains for some reason!

This one for the Union Plaza Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada advertises "World's Largest Casino", "Martini-Glass", "Pool", "Five Bars & Lounges", "Gourmet Dining Rooms".

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  1. Great VV finds - cute keychain too!!

  2. I remember those types of keychains. My FIL still has a whole bunch from when he travelled all around the US in the 1970s. They are hanging above his bar in the basement! Good prices on the pyrex. I'm still searching for my 1st fridgie.

  3. Spring Blossom is one of my fave patterns too! One more little fridgie like the one you picked up and I'll have the whole set! It will be like all my dreams coming true at once! hehe. I love that key chain, it's so old school Vegas! The "Plaza" font is beyond cool.

  4. Thanks Jill!

    Reduce, Reuse and Rummage - that's cool! I'd love to have a large collection of them. I hope you find your first fridgie soon. I was literally shaking when I found mine, lol.

    Flo - hope you find it soon - WITH A LID!!! I love the font too.