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Friday, August 12, 2011

Gooseberry Ghosbusters!

The start of "Tour de Thrift Sourthern Ontario 2011" started yesterday in Mississauaga & yielded a few goodies.

A highly envied Gooseberry #444. I've been passing this one in a vintage store, I love the colours of this one & they are charging $35 for the bowl (last time I checked!)! Not too condition. This sucker was just rolled out from the back, lucky I spotted it, we were just about to hightail it out of there. Another great Value Village deal - $3.99. Call me crazy, but I love how this pattern is raised. I love to rub my finger & nail over it. Sounds creepy, I know.

A total savings of: $31.01!

Onto Goodwill - a set of Tony Scoleri glasses. Great condition, a buck each!

I'll check in with you this weekend! Crossing my fingers for some great thrift action!

Happy Thrifting!



  1. oooh I love that gooseberry bowl. I dont think it is creepy to run your nail and finger over it. If you were ahem..."excited" by that then it would be creepy. Happy thrifting!

  2. Your thrift adventure has already yielded some great treasures! I've got a pink gooseberry set, but I'd really love to add this buttery yellow too! And the Ghostbuster glasses.. omg. This chick is toast!

  3. I am fairly new to Pyrex but this bowl looked familiar so I went out to the shed and found I have a #442 bowl in this pattern. Didn't realise it was Pyrex because of the marking on the bottom says JAJ. Cool, now I can start a set. Anything Ghost Busters is always good.

  4. Melissa, lol, happy thrifting!

    Flo - jealous of the pink Gooseberry!

  5. Hello Vintage - I'm fairly new to Pyrex too. Not too fond of JAJ patterns & always like when they have PYREX patterns.

  6. Good find on the Ghostbusters glass!  I collect ’Toon Tumblers (and anything that resembles them).  If you ever come across a Marvin the Martian Pepsi Series one reasonably priced, please scoop it up for me!!  I'd owe you big-time.  I paid a pretty penny for one off Ebay once, and the stupid idiot just threw it in a great big, loose envelope, not wrapped in bubble-wrap or anything.  When I got it, it was in a million pieces.  There's one on Ebay right now actually;  I don't see that one very often, but I don't feel like paying that much for it again.