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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Merry Mushroom!

I have to say, I really love the one Merry Mushroom item. Not as tacky as most of the Merry Mushroom items, very simplistic, with beautiful colours representing the great era of the '70s with a mushroom plopped on top. Not large enough for a cake or a pie, just the right size for a dip. What is this? A dip holder? LOL, I don't know! Makes me feel a bit uneducated.

Everyone's favourite 1970's mushroom kitchen accessories from Sears - Merry Mushroom! I came across a bunch of the stuff, reasonably priced, tea kettle (missing the top) & quite a few of the jars. I'm not a fan of the jars, I love them for their ugliness kitsch factor, but don't think I can display the set along with the other items in my house. At least not at this time. I did pick up the smallest jar for $1.99 to keep some random things in just inside the cupboard. What's the other thing? A butter dish? They weren't going to sell it to me. The cashier told me the bottom doesn't go with the top. I kept telling her that it's part of the Merry Mushroom set from Sears from the '70s. It's also got the same markings (carved CANADA) in the bottom as the jars & other Merry Mushroom items & plop, right on the top, you can't miss the mushroom. She just wanted me to shut up, so she gave it to me. I was getting concerned that they weren't going to sell it to me. I hate their new policy. No tag, no sale. Anyways, haven't seen this one Merry Mushroom item around. Besides a butter dish, I dunno what it could be for. Dip?



  1. Love your Merry Mushroom finds! Those colors always make me smile.

  2. What great and kitchy finds! Love them. thank you for joining TTf and I hope you have a great day!

  3. Ahh! I just found the largest jar for my best friend who loves all things mushrooms. We paid $6 for it. She's using to store her son's packaged snacks (crackers, pretzel sticks, etc). I have no idea what that piece could be for- how about a flan? I have no clue if folks who shopped at Sears in the 70s were into flan or not, lol, but it's smaller than a pie or cake....

  4. Maybe it's a cheese dome? I know those were way popular in the 70s :-)

  5. I have the canister set sitting in my craft room. :) I love them! They hold all kinds of things...ugly, but adorable. Ha! I love your site...just found you through Thrift Core!

  6. I love them! I collect mushroom canisters.

    E :)